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Top gun: New Castle guard small in stature, big on floor (2014)

New Castle guard Anthony Richards will tell you that he's not sure if shooters are born or can be made. But one thing is for sure...

Oakland basketball star Travis Bader on brink of NCAA career 3-point record

If he is working on The Basketball Shooting Machine, or “The Gun,” it takes Bader only two hours to make 1,000 shots.

UPDATE: on Travis Bader

Travis Bader Breaks J.J. Redick’s NCAA Record for Most Career 3-Pointers.

Michael Jordan purchases the Gun (2003)

Basketball shooting machine helps players develop touch including Michael Jordan’s son.

Can This Machine Change the Way You Practice Shooting? (2015)

Coach Dave Wakefield on The Gun basketball shooting machine from Shoot-A-Way “We do so much with it — it's not just a shooting machine.”

Elle Ruffridge’s love affair with gym could lead to Iowa’s all-time record (2017)

"We started out 6 years ago wanting to become a great shooting team. The Gun has really helped us become just that!!!"

Kat Phipps’ Hot Shooting Helps St. Rose Return to SCT Final (2015)

Before every St. Rose girls basketball practice, senior guard Kat Phipps gets shot at by a gun and then returns fire more than 500 times — using the Gun by Shoot-A-Way!

Ball or Fall | SC Featured | ESPN Stories (2017)

ESPN feature on The Ball Family 2017

ESPN: Monta Ellis 2017

"We had a shooting machine, The Gun, which Monta all but wore out with his long hours of practice."

Love and 3-pointers abound at the U of Puget Sound (2016)

At 9 a.m. daily, The Gun goes up at Memorial Feidlhouse. Emily Sheldon usually is the first to arrive at the University of Puget Sound’s historic gym…

Jim Boeheim on the Gun for home use (2015)

NCAA Legend Jim Boeheim talks about The Gun Basketball shooting machine for home use — the best way to practice shooting repetition.

Tom Izzo on the Gun for home use 2015

NCAA Legend Tom Izzo talks about the 8000 Series Gun Basketball shooting machine for home use — the best way to practice shooting repetition.

Micah Mason grows up on the Gun (2015)

College basketball’s best shooter, Micah Mason, grew up with a Gun at his house: The Gun basketball shooting machine from Shoot-A-Way.

JJ Redick on the Gun in HS (2010)

JJ Redick and Coach Kent Davidson’s team using the Gun basketball shooting machine to gain an unfair advantage.

Stephen Curry on the Gun (2011)

Stephen Curry shows his workout.

Golden State Warriors commercial with The Gun (2012)

The Golden State Warriors show off their Great shooting using the Gun basketball shooting machine from Shoot-A-Way.

Jon Diebler of Ohio State on the Gun (2011)

Ex Ohio HS and College Star Jon Diebler shows an incredible shooting display on the 8000 Series Gun Shooting machine.

I Wish I had the Gun when I played

The 2012-13 basketball season was a special one for head coach Annette Kennedy. Not only did she lead the Booker T. Washington Lady Hornets...

Can you ever have enough Guns?

In 2013, the Romulus Eagles reached the pinnacle of success by winning the Class A State High School Championship in the state of Michigan....

State Champions Report

The Columbus North girls basketball team won the 2015 Indiana Class 4A state championship with a 28-1 record....

The Gun: More Than a Rebounder

When Steve Williams was asked how he utilizes the Gun in his practices, he replied, “There’s not a day that goes by that our players don’t utilize the Guns...."

Preparation Meets Opportunity

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. And that fits nicely with the Gun. The Gun gives us the opportunity to prepare." ...

The Gun helps Micah Mason earn a Division 1 Scholarship

In 2004, Micah Mason was in fourth grade and his father, John, decided to make an investment for Micah’s basketball future....

Changing Kids Lives

"The Gun we bought several years ago has helped our team average 27 wins per season over the past 5 years. This includes the 2012 NCISAA 3A State Championship...."

Tempo, Tempo, Tempo

After coming so close to the coveted championship, Coach Andy Snider decided it was time to invest in a 6000 Series Gun from Shoot-A-Way....

Rudy Garcia

For 18 seasons, Rudy Garcia has been the head basketball coach at Union High School, a 6A school in the state of Oklahoma. And, the 18th season was truly special....

Play Hard, Play Smart, and Have Fun!

"Play hard, Play Smart, and Have Fun!" That is the motto of Jan Azar, Head Coach of the Wesleyan Lady Wolves....

Orlando Christian Prep

When Reggie Kohn was asked what impressed him most about the Gun, he exclaimed, “The amount of shots you can get up in a short amount of time...."

Coach Youngblut

Is it just me, or does every coach dream of cutting down the nets and winning a State Championship in their first year as a head coach?...


When you lead the nation in field goal percentage, there’s a pretty good chance you might be cutting down the nets at the end of the year....

It All Comes to Numbers

It all comes to numbers….and these are the numbers that matter most to Head Coach Matt Garrett over the past 10 years:...

Coach Doss

"You don’t want to go into battle without a Gun." These are the words of Head Coach Jack Doss of the Butler Rebels....

Coach Cosgriff

Head Coach Brian Cosgriff and the Hopkins High School Lady Royals had not been to the Minnesota State Basketball Tournament for 5 years....

Coach Bearden

In 2009, Head Coach Leland Bearden, of Smyer High School in Texas, started requiring his girls to shoot 500 3’s every day....

Road to Success

"The road to success is always under construction and part of our road runs through the use of our Guns!" ...

Coach Kanemura

"We received our two 8000 series Guns on Tuesday and immediately removed them from their shipping pallets. Like advertised, within a few minutes we were up and shooting...."

Coach Marks

"The Gun has been a great asset to our program and allowed us to increase our shooting percentage in every category." ...

Coach Walker

"We were not the most gifted team as far as athleticism, but we were a very good shooting team, as a direct result from using the Shoot-A-Way Guns...."

Coach Kuhn

The past 2009-2010 basketball season was definitely a successful one for Coach Joe Kuhn and the Joliet Junior College Wolves...

Drew Maddux

The Gun has played a significant part in the skill development improvement of all of our players in the CPA Basketball Program....

Ben Ries

Since June 9, 2005, Jalen has kept a running total of jump shots made.  Last we heard, he had made 509,000 jump shots!...

Coach Baerlocher

On March 6th, 2010, Head Coach Corey Baerlocher and the Colfax Lady Bulldogs won their second consecutive Class 2B Washington State Girls Basketball Championship....

Findlay University Story

Ron Niekamp, University of Findlay Head Coach, led his Oilers to an undefeated 36-0 season and a NCAA Division II National Championship...

Coach Maronde

Champions don’t become champions in the ring—they are merely recognized there. If you want to see where champions are developed just look at their daily routine....

Nate Malchow

"'The Gun' shooting machine has played a big part in our player development over the last 5 years...."

Coach Reimer

"My players averaged over 3,000 shots each on their own time... for a team total of 52,270 shots. This was only possible due to the Guns we have...."

Midland Christian Story

When Kenneth Smith was asked what the Gun meant to his program, he simply answered, "It was a big reason we won back-to-back championships." ...

In Consistency, Lies the Power

In consistency, lies the power! This is the motto of National Coach of the Year Candidate Rocky Clarke...

Give Me Five!

Give me Five! That is exactly what the Arlington Country Day Apaches gave their coach, Rex Morgan, when they won their fifth consecutive 2A Florida State Basketball Championship...


In 2003, the Sanford Indians won the 2A Colorado State Championship, and Kyle Forster was named the Rocky Mountain News 2A Player of the Year....

Coach West

"The Gun is what put us in the State Tournament the last two years and is the reason we won the State Championship." ...

Coach Jarocki

In the world of coaching, there is an adage that states expectations lead to belief, belief leads to action, and action leads to results....

Robert Smith

"The New Gun 8000 is an incredible machine!... Our kids will get in 500 shots and are excited for more...."

Coach Wise

During the 2010 basketball season, Jack Yates High School of Houston, Texas, broke the all-time record for points per game...

Coach Meyer

Don Meyer, head coach of the Northern State Wolves Men’s Basketball Team, believes there are 3 rules you must follow to achieve excellence...

Coach Wyland

"The Gun has transformed the way our guys think about individual shooting time...."