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The Dominator

The Dominator — Complete Post Station 

Being a dominant post player is about two things: Footwork and Finishing with Contact. The Dominator is all about teaching those two necessities!

Blockout pads act as a Defender.

Adjustable resistance from 10 to 300 lbs.

Pads Adjust to any angle & swivel.

Shotblocker Pads Rotate up or down.

Dominator - Drills

Standard Dominator

Standard Model
$3350 plus freight

Delux Model Dominator

Deluxe Model
$3750 plus freight

1 - Box Out, 2 - Explode Up, 3 - Drop-Step Into PRO, 4 - Attack the Hoop, 5 - Finish with Contact!


  • Strength
  • Footwork
  • Balance
  • Vertical
  • Timing
  • Stamina

Compact Storage

Rolls through Standard Door

Dominator rolling through doorDominator dimensions

Dominator Arms